EMACHS Benefits


For an annual subscription, member

societies gain:


  • Group membership of CIVIC VOICE, and

    HISTORIC TOWNS FORUM, entitling each society’s

    members to attend their events

CivicVoiceLogo                HTF_logo


  • Access to the Email group which distributes news

    from several national organisations to update

    members with the latest statutes and best practice,

    and provides a platform for members’ registered

    delegates to network, accessing a wide range of

    experience, knowledge and creative ideas

    <Email Group >


  • EMACHS heritage moots or shire heritage

    gatherings, with plenty on offer for everyone, 

    and circulating around the historic sites of

    our region

    <Events >


  • Detailed advice from EMACHS Casework Advisers,

    with a wealth of experience in heritage issues and

    campaigns, and who really do welcome members’

    enquiries <Contact Us >


  • EMACHS group representation on the East Midlands

    Heritage Forum




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