EMACHS History

THE LEICESTER AWAYDAY: Members of Boston, Bourne, Burton-on-Trent, Desborough, Leicester, Lincoln and Whaley Bridge Societies at the grave monument to Cardinal Wolsey in Abbey Park on 12th June 2004.

EMACHS at Leicester, 2004

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EMACHS History

EMACHS grew out of the Midlands Amenity Societies

Association, (MASA) which was founded in 1987 to

represent Midlands amenity societies registered with

the Civic Trust.


In 2001 it divided into East and West MASA, in line with

Civic Trust aspirations to create a regional association

for each of the nine local government regions of



In April 2009 the Civic Trust went into administration,

and local societies had to decide whether to join other

national representative bodies, or to “go it alone”.


In the East Midlands there was a strong feeling that civic

and heritage groups had been established a long time,

and that a regional association had a successful record

of both assisting societies and representing them at a

national level.


In 2010 the name was changed to include the word

heritage, and membership is now open to all civic

societies, conservation area societies, local history

societies and historic buildings trusts.



Soon after our inception it was felt that members

needed to be offered greater opportunities to socialise

and network. As a result of this decision, in June 2003

the Association held its first annual ‘Awayday’ in Boston,

Lincolnshire. This was a whole day tour of the historic

town hosted by Boston Preservation Trust. This was

followed by ‘Awaydays’ each year.


2004 Leicester,            2005 Newark,           

2006 Retford,               2007 Buxton,  

2008 Nottingham,      2009 Stamford,

2010 Northampton,    2011 Eyam,

2012 Heckington,        2013 Bakewell


EMACHS Magazine

Since July 2004, the Association published a quarterly

newsletter, the “East MASA Magazine”. At its heart was a

digest of information gleaned from the pages of

members’ newsletters and journals. The emphasis was

on information that might be of practical use to other

members, on lessons learned and on examples of

perceived best practice. Many members sent us their

newsletters and journals on a regular basis.


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