About Us

Awayday 2012

EMACHS at Heckington, 2012

EMACHS is a collection of local societies who come

together in an informal association, to obtain

additional services that will attract and support

their members


EMACHS provides those services in a practical and

sustainable way


Every civic and heritage society has had past triumphs,

otherwise they would have folded.  However, they will

also have challenges, which tend to cloud the

perspective of the causes they are fighting for or



 The ethos of EMACHS is as a regional body offering an

outsider’s perspective for each local group, perhaps too

close to an issue, while a national association may be

perhaps too distant


The purpose of EMACHS is to supply an extra

dimension to the civic and heritage involvement


  • Member societies pay a modest annual subscription

    fee  <Benefits>


  • Officers offer their time and advice for free

    <Contact Us>


  • Members can discuss issues on the email group and at

    regional gatherings  <Email Group and Events>


  • Self-service ” is the key to a sustainable future for



Please visit our next page: <How to Use>

(just click on the <page name> above)


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